The Planning Inspector has dismissed an appeal by Kingscastle Ltd and upheld the enforcement action taken by the Council against the owners of the Academy pub (Kingscastle Ltd). The first and second floor of the community pub at 57 Princedale Road had been made into private living accommodation and the interior of the building had been altered to make this possible. These alterations contravene the ACV (Asset of Community Value) status of the Academy which was spelt out at a Tribunal hearing when Norland Conservation and the Council went to court to protect the ACV status on the entire building.

The requirements of the Enforcement Notice are:

i)              Cease the unauthorised use of the first and second floors as a self–contained residential unit
ii)             Remove the partition walls labelled A and B on ‘Appendix 1’
iii)            Reinstate the staircase between the ground and first floors in accordance with the staircase shown in ‘Appendix 2’

The Kensington Society, Norland Conservation Society, and Clarendon Cross RA will continue to fight to have the pub reopened. This latest development is good news and the campaign to save the pub from private development continues to receive community support.  The period for compliance with the requirements is six months from September 1 st 2020.